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The Advanced Metals Processing team conducts fundamental and applied research in areas involving advanced metals, high performance alloys and their processing. Metals of strategic importance in the automotive and aerospace sectors are of particular interest including titanium, magnesium and aluminium.

The team specialize in understanding the process-property relationships when a metal is transformed into a part during a process such as casting or melting through the development of computational models. Simulation and optimization of the massively complex physical processes help to predict and minimize defects in the transformed metal and therefore plays an important role in the highly safety regulated aerospace and automotive sectors.

The team has led multiple national networks including NSERC's Strategic Magnesium Network (MagNet) and has a strong emphasis on close working relationships with industry partners to implement and validate the models with a list that includes Titanium Metals Corp. (TIMET) a world-leading producer of titanium alloys, CITIC Dicastal, the world leading producer of automotive wheels and Toyota.

Driven by the demand to reduce emissions in the transportation sector, research in optimizing advanced metal processing is a key enabler in the development of high-performance lightweight structural alloys and materials for energy efficient solutions.


  • TIMET Professorship in Advanced Titanium Processing

  • Rio Tinto Aluminium Chair in Materials Process Engineering

  • Joint International Research Laboratory for Light Alloys hosted by Chongqing University

  • Toyota research collaboration to redefine the aluminium wheel manufacturing process

  • NSERC Strategic Magnesium Network (MagNet) to develop new magnesium based technologies for the transportation sector. LEARN MORE →