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The virtual machining team at UBC is a global centre of research excellence in machine automation. The team integrates physical machining with virtual models of complex machining operations. This enables machining to be simulated and optimized prior to operation on the factory floor, reducing risks, costs, defects, time and importantly, increasing productivity of machine operations.

The virtual machining team is an internationally renowned research resource, leading national networks in machine system simulation since 2010 (CANRIMT I & II) and mirrored commercially by the creation of Manufacturing Automation Laboratories Inc., which develops machining simulation software for over 200 companies around the world. The team works with a large number of Canadian and International companies, with a special focus on heavy machining, aerospace and precision machining.


  • NSERC Canadian Network on Research and Innovation in Machining Technology (CANRIMT II) builds on the success of Phase 1 (CANRIMT) to establish Canada as a leader in machining-system simulation. LEARN MORE →

  • Manufacturing Automation Laboratory (MAL) conducts research on machining simulation and commercializes virtual machining and optimization software solutions