Material Catalysis & Clean Energy Manfacturing
















Catalysts are of critical importance to modern society, including advanced materials and manufacturing, and are estimated to be involved in the production of 85% of all manufactured goods. They play a crucial role in clean energy production through their use in fuel cells, batteries and solar cells.

The team at UBC is undertaking world-leading research into the development and application of new sustainable catalysts and processes and the discovery of materials for clean energy applications. The team has led major national research projects on clean energy research, built an international clean energy material partnership with Germany’s Fraunhofer Society and helped to train the future generation of engineers in catalysis research, nanomaterials and clean energy solutions.


  • $12m 2017 CFI award for clean energy and transportation systems. LEARN MORE →

  • $8m NRCan grant for Project "Ada", a self-driving laboratory accelerating the discovery of advanced clean energy materials using automation and artificial intelligence. LEARN MORE →

  • New NRC-UBC Collaboration Centre for Clean Energy Transition focuses on developing and integrating clean energy conversion processes and devices as alternatives to fossil fuels. LEARN MORE →